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Ms Anneke Brahe

Arts Unit Symphonia Jubilate Core Member


1st Place Australian Percussion Eisteddfod


1st Place Sydney Conservatorium Concerto Competition



Anneke Brahe, a versatile and accomplished musician, brings a wealth of experience to the world of music. A dedicated percussionist, Anneke has showcased her talents in orchestral, ensemble, and solo performances, demonstrating proficiency across a range of standard orchestral instruments and excelling particularly in mallet percussion. Currently pursuing her musical journey at the Sydney Conservatorium since 2024, Anneke is committed to enriching diverse musical settings with her expertise.

In 2023, Anneke received a special invitation as an orchestral player for the Arts Unit Symphonia Jubilate 10th Anniversary, a testament to her remarkable skills. She also achieved distinction by winning a prize in the prestigious Conservatorium High School Concerto Competition for her compelling performance of the Marimba Concerto.

Anneke's commitment to musical excellence extends to the Arts Unit Festival of Instrumental Music, where she made noteworthy contributions to percussion ensemble and orchestral performances for recorder and string ensembles during multiple nights in 2023. Her versatility and dedication were also evident in her performances in 2022.

Outside school commitments, Anneke has been a mentor and leader at the Sydney Percussion Studio since 2015, guiding various age group ensembles. Her educational journey includes enrollment at the Sydney Conservatorium and Sydney Percussion Studio, where she garnered recognition such as an Encore Nomination and being a joint winner in the Conservatorium High School Concerto Competition.

Anneke has consistently earned first-place awards in solo and ensemble categories at various eisteddfods, including the Australian Percussion Eisteddfod and City of Ryde Eisteddfod. Her passion for percussion and commitment to musical excellence make Anneke Brahe a valuable contributor to any musical ensemble.

Sydney School of Music and Fine Arts
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