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Dr Goetz Richter

Chair of String Unit: Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Founding Artistic Director: Kendall National Violin Competition

Doctorate in Philosophy: Its link to music

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Goetz Richter, an accomplished violinist and distinguished academic, epitomizes the fusion of musical excellence and intellectual inquiry. With a multifaceted career spanning performance, pedagogy, and philosophical exploration, Richter has left an indelible mark on the world of music.

As an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music, Richter has served as a guiding force for aspiring violinists, shaping their artistic journeys with wisdom honed over decades of experience. His tenure as Chair of the String Unit from 1997 to 2008 was marked by a commitment to nurturing comprehensive skills and attitudes essential for sustaining long-term professional engagement with music.

Richter's performance career is illustrious, encompassing a rich tapestry of concerto, recital, chamber music, and orchestral performances across continents. As a chamber musician, he has graced stages throughout Australia, collaborating with esteemed ensembles such as the Trio Novalis Ensemble and the Sydney Schubert Ensemble. His recital partnership with pianist Jeanell Carrigan has been celebrated for its artistry and depth, captivating audiences in Australia and Europe.

Throughout his journey, Richter's scholarly pursuits have been as vibrant as his musical endeavors. Holding a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Sydney, his research interests span the gamut of violin pedagogy, repertoire development, and the history of violin playing. Notably, his interdisciplinary project "Elective Affinities" delves into the intersection of music and philosophy, exploring their nuanced connections through both performance and theoretical inquiry.

Richter's influence extends beyond the classroom and stage. As the founding Artistic Director of the Kendall National Violin Competition and through leadership roles in various music festivals and conferences, he has fostered platforms for the growth and recognition of emerging talent. His dedication to education and mentorship is evident in the success of his students, who have garnered acclaim in national and international competitions and assumed prominent roles in orchestras worldwide.

Beyond his musical prowess, Richter's contributions to the orchestral landscape are noteworthy. His involvement in negotiating pivotal agreements and his insights into the challenges facing orchestras reflect a deep commitment to the sustainability and vitality of the musical community.

A prolific author, Richter's writings traverse the realms of philosophy, delving into the works of Plato and Nietzsche, as well as exploring themes in the philosophy of music and musical performance. His scholarly contributions have enriched discourse in violin pedagogy, performance teaching, and the broader philosophy of music.

In essence, Goetz Richter epitomizes the consummate artist-scholar, whose virtuosity on the violin is matched only by the depth of his intellectual inquiry and the breadth of his influence on the musical landscape.

Sydney School of Music and Fine Arts
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