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Mr Maxime Bibeau

Australian Chamber Orchestra Core Member

1585 Double Bass, "Sophia"

Member of Various Orchestras and Groups

Masterclasses with Craig Ogden and David Leisner

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Maxime Bibeau, initially drawn to jazz and the bass guitar in his teenage years, unexpectedly found his passion in classical music when he picked up the double bass at the age of seventeen. Studying at the Conservatoire de Musique du Québec in Montréal under René Gosselin and earning a Masters of Music from Rice University in Houston under Timothy Pitts and Paul Ellison, Maxime received full university scholarships and grants from the Canada Arts Council and the Canadian Research Assistance Fund.

Having joined the ACO in 1998, Maxime's journey from reading string quartet music with friends to playing in an orchestra with a single double bass has been a revelation. He thrives on the unique impact his playing makes within this setting, pushing the boundaries of what the double bass can achieve and ensuring its dynamic role in the ensemble.

Maxime's instrument, named 'Sophia,' dates back to 1585, crafted by Gasparo da Salò in Brecia, Northern Italy. On loan from a private Australian benefactor, Sophia survived World War II in the Neustift Monastery and is cherished for her heritage, presence, and luscious sound. 

Beyond his role in the ACO, Maxime has contributed his musical prowess to various orchestras and festivals globally. As an educator, he has enriched the experiences of aspiring musicians in programs such as the Australian Youth Orchestra National Music Camp, Sydney Youth Orchestra, University of NSW, Tokyo University of the Arts, Australian National Academy of Music, and as a lecturer at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for nearly a decade.

Maxime Bibeau has been featured as a soloist in numerous ACO performances, showcasing his talent in world premieres and renditions of works by composers like Missy Mazzoli, James Ledger, Matthew Hindson, Elena Kats-Chernin, Joe Chindamo, Giovanni Bottesini, Piazzola, Frank Proto, and Mozart.

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Sydney School of Music and Fine Arts
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