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- Kids at SSMFA - 
The Magic of Violin

Featured Artist:

Beatrice Colombis, Violin

Laura Mcdonald, Piano

- Caprices from the film:

‘The Red Violin’

Step into a world of musical wonder with our captivating event lineup. Delight in the opportunity to observe the esteemed violin pedagogue, Esmeralda Tintner, as she conducts an engaging group violin class designed specifically for young beginners. Witness the magic as Esmeralda instills a passion for music in these budding talents, showcasing how even the littlest of learners can embrace music with joy alongside their parents.

As the excitement builds, prepare to be enchanted by the remarkable talent of Beatrice Colombis. Ahead of her highly anticipated appearance at the Tokyo Classic International Violin Competition, Beatrice will grace our stage with a mesmerizing performance. Experience the evocative melodies from the beloved film 'The Red Violin,' as Beatrice's skillful interpretation transports you to a realm of musical enchantment. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the artistry and joy of music.


SSMFA: The Magic of Violin
Event Description
Introducing Esmeralda Tintner
Introducing Beatrice Colombis
Introducing Laura McDonald
Sydney School of Music and Fine Arts
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