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Ms Amber Davis





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Amber Davis is a consummate musician whose journey began as a student at Ascham School for Girls, where her passion for music was ignited. Beginning her musical odyssey at the age of 6, she quickly distinguished herself in piano, capturing accolades at Sydney Eisteddfods from the tender age of 7. Her musical horizons expanded further at 10 when she embarked on violin studies under the guidance of Mr. Nakamura, delving into the renowned Suzuki method. Immersing herself in the rich musical culture of Japan, she honed her skills at various summer schools in Matsumoto under the tutelage of Dr. Suzuki himself.

Her talent blossomed as a member of the Sydney Youth Orchestra from 1982 to 1987, laying the groundwork for a remarkable journey ahead. This trajectory led her to the hallowed halls of the Conservatorium High School in Sydney, where she studied under the esteemed Professor Alice Waten, nurturing her artistry until her HSC year in 1988.

The next chapter of Amber's musical voyage saw her balancing the rigors of academia with professional pursuits. Amidst her studies for a Diploma of Performance at the Sydney Conservatorium, she embarked on contract work with the Australian Chamber Orchestra in 1994 and 1995, showcasing her virtuosity on the violin. Her dedication and talent were duly recognized, as she secured a full-time permanent position in the first violins of the prestigious Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the iconic Sydney Opera House in 1996, a role she held with distinction until 2018.

Beyond her instrumental prowess, Amber actively contributed to the musical community, serving on the board of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for three years as the staff-elected representative and assuming the presidency of the Musicians Association for the Symphony Orchestra. However, in 2018, she embarked on a new chapter, seeking solace and inspiration amidst the serene landscapes of Bellingen, marking a significant 'tree change' in her life.

Transitioning seamlessly into a teaching role, Amber shared her expertise with aspiring musicians at Bellingen High School and the Bellingen Youth Orchestra from 2018 to 2023. Her commitment to nurturing young talent extended to the Coffs Conservatorium, where she taught violin studies from 2019 to 2021. Not content with solely imparting knowledge, she founded the Bellingen Youth Orchestra Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra, achieving remarkable results and fostering a love for music in her students.

As a performer, Amber graces the stage with her beloved Pietro Guarneri violin, a masterpiece crafted in Venice in 1727, infusing her performances with a timeless elegance and passion. Collaborative endeavors with esteemed musicians such as Bernadette Harvey and Elizabeth Neville further enrich her musical journey, culminating in captivating chamber music concerts that enrapture audiences.

Even in quieter moments, Amber continues to share her musical gifts, engaging with the community through initiatives like the Coffs Harbour Music Society, ensuring that the transformative power of music reaches far and wide. Her journey, marked by dedication, artistry, and a deep-seated love for music, serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and enthusiasts alike.

Sydney School of Music and Fine Arts
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