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Helen Wang, 12

Valery Gavrilin

- Meditation

- The Prelude

Morton Wang, 11

Valery Gavrilin

- Toccata

Shuichi Marina, 14

Sergei Rachmaninoff

- Etudes: Tableaux op.33 C minor

Alfred Schnittke

- Aphorisms No. 1

Natalia will introduce some of her students who have achieved outstanding success in local and international competitions. Each performance will be thoughtfully commented on, offering insights into Natalia's pedagogical approach, the nuanced progression through various stages of piano mastery, and the main principles of the distinguished Russian Piano School.

Natalia will deliver an insightful presentation delving into the diverse pathways available to individuals embarking on piano study, spanning from complete novices to accomplished players. With a comprehensive overview, she will elucidate the necessary components for each trajectory, outlining the requisite lessons, specialized programs, and tailored practice techniques essential for progression. Through her expertise and guidance, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the nuanced journey of piano education, empowering them to navigate their own musical pursuits with clarity and purpose.

Natalia will then offer assessment and feedback sessions designed to determine individual skill levels, inherent talent, and areas requiring improvement, tailored to the unique aspirations of each participant. She will provide nuanced feedback aimed at identifying the most suitable trajectory aligned with specific musical goals.

Sydney School of Music and Fine Arts
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